What you get from ESXi using SNMP

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I already wrote about how to enable and configure SNMP on VMware ESXi 5 . But I was quite short on what you really get from SNMP. Here’s a bit more details.

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Install the missing MIB files on Debian Squeeze

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I never had issues with MIB files on my OpenBSD boxes but my new Debian 6 (Squeeze) system seem to not have the Management Information Base (MIB) files installed correctly.

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Improving Nexenta SNMP daemon

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Nexenta has SNMP capability. Configured from the Web interface, you can set the various communities for SNMP version. But there is more. You can improve it a lot using the Nexenta Management Console (NMC).

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Enable and configure SNMP on VMware ESXi 5

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Here we are, VMware ESXi 5 is installed on the Z68 motherboard. One of the first thing to do is enable SNMP to be able to actually get remote information on what happens to the beast :) Later on, we’ll be able to get pretty graphs to show how the virtual infrastructure lives. Here’s how I did enable and configure SNMP on my ESXi. This is the free instance, without any vCenter.

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Monitor the Airport Extreme with Munin

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I already configured Munin to monitor my Synology DS409slim . Today, I’m going to configure Munin to monitor my Apple Airport Extreme, using SNMP.

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