Install a 1.8″ SSD in an EeePC 900 via ZIF adapter

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I have an EeePC 900 that does nothing for a long time now. My mother asked me for a laptop that she would travel with ; just for reading emails and surfing the Web. That sounds perfect for this machine. I initially planned to install Windows 7 on it so that it’s the same OS than on her workstation PC. The 8GB internal SSD is really to small to run Windows 7 (even running XP is annoying because of Windows Updates) so I decided to install a 1.8" SSD using a ZIF adapter. Here’s how I did it.

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Raw Device Mapping of local SATA disks on ESXi

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My brand new ESXi machine is a “standard” Intel Z68 powered PC. It has three disks inside: two SSD and a SATA disk. My idea is to use the first SSD to host some VM (production VM, virtual ESXi, virtual Hyper-V…) and to connect the two other disks to a FreeNAS virtual instance. This enables to present a ZFS storage to the virtual hypervisors. Here’s the way to attach two of the SATA drives to a single virtual machine using RDM technics. BTW, I’m using ESXi v5.0.0.

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The new box is here and ready

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I ordered bits from everywhere in the world to get a new, quiet and fresh box. This idea is to replace the “old” Dell XPS M1330 with something better suited to virtualization. And here are the specs : H3.S Fanless Chassis, with 80W Open Frame Fanless PSU Zotac Z68-ITX WiFi (Z68ITX-A-E) Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5 2500T 2.5GHz 6MB 45W 32nm Quad Core G.Skill Kit Extreme3 2 x 8 Go PC12800 Ripjaws X CAS10 Samsung SSD (MMDOE28G5MPP) M4-CT064M4SSD2Crucial m4 2.5-inch (M4-CT064M4SSD2) WD Scorpio Blue (WDC WD2500BEVT-7) And here’s the baby pic:

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Upgrade Crucial C300 firmware on a MacBook Pro

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I just got a Crucial C300 SSD to plug in my Mac. And it came in revision 02 ; but the latest bug free firmware is revision 07. To upgrade, just go to the Crucial website and get the “” archive. Unzip and burn the ISO file. Reboot, use ‘alt’ to drop to the boot selector and select the CD drive ; it appears as “Windows”. Let the process find your drive and upgrade the firmware to 06.

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Toshiba MK1059 GSM in MacBookPro5,5

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I had issues with my Seagate Momentus 5400.6 500GB… It felt very slow… But it also only had 10% free space left… It’s been two weeks I’m trying to work on this… Defragmentation, Onyx on the system… Maybe it’s just to full… Thank my Sanyo HD1010 for that… So let’s go for it… upgrading to 8GB of RAM (from stock 4GB) and to TOSHIBA MK1059GSM 1TB.

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