Compare CPU speed and heat

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I used to run my I.T. services on an AIRIS N1110 shipping an Intel(R) Core(TM)2 T7400 @2.16GHz. It was quite nice, fast and silent. In fact, I noticed that this processor was used in MacBook and iMac Late-2006 ; which might indicate that this processor is quite optimal regarding performance and speed ratio. Since that computer died, I switched my services from spare hardware to spare hardware. I was never really convinced to have found a “nice” replacement hardware. So I’m looking at purchasing a new one. From my experience, what really counts in the speed/heat ratio are the CPU and the motherboard. The CPU will enable performance depending on cores and frequency and will generate heat depending on its TDP (Thermal Design Power). The motherboard will enable performance depending on its design and mostly depending on the RAM it can support.

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