Change VMware Workstation NAT IP Range


I’m using VMware Fusion on the (home) Mac and VMware Workstation on the (work) Windows. From time to time, I have to share a VM between those two environments. Unfortunately, the NAT range automatically configured by those tools aren’t the same. Here’s how to use the same NAT range :

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Windows Server Virtualization Validation Program


The Windows Server Virtualization Validation Program will help vendors to provide supported Microsoft virtualized solution. Want to know which Windows Server Edition is supported on VMware ESXi 4.1? This answer is there . Want to know which virtualization system can run Windows Server 2008 while keeping the support? This answer is here .

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Mac OS X (Workstation) in VMware Fusion


According to Hack VMWare Fusion 2 – Virtualize Tiger/Leopard, you should be able to run your a Tiger or Leopard installation (additionnally to the Server Edition) in a virtual machine.

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Xen is back!


After a few month of VMware ESXi testings, the whole LAN is back to NetBSD/xen!

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Activate wm(4) on NetBSD under ESXi


A VMware ESXi virtual machine running NetBSD gets a network card in compatibility mode:

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