Migrating from Apache/WordPress to relayd/httpd/Hugo

       2860 words, 14 minutes

WordPress has served me well since 2010. But I finally got bored with managing the OAMP stack and having to deal with plugins updates, spam comments and general security warning because of the PHP backend. After reading a lot and testing a few Static Site Generator, I decided to go with Hugo to expose all my HTML stuff. And as PHP is not required anymore, I also decided to replace Apache with OpenBSD’s httpd(8) and relayd(8).

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Remove all WordPress Featured Images

       109 words, 1 minutes

I used to use “Featured Images” in my posts to illustrate the main tag. Now that I changed my theme (namely Twenty Fourteen), those icon-sized images don’t show up well. I decided to simply drop them all so that nothing is displayed by the theme. This is done easily using MySQL:

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Solve a "Submit For Review" issue on WordPress

       300 words, 2 minutes

Lately, I couldn’t publish any more articles on my WordPress instance. Instead of the “Publish” button, I only got “Submit For Review”. As I upgraded WordPress recently, I thought this might be either a new feature or some permissions that were dropped ; but I just couldn’t find any. After a few dig&read on the Internet, most of this behavior seemed to reveal a problem with the database. And I recently had a few bunch of crashes on the infrastructure ; thanks to my electric power provider…

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Move WordPress admin bar to the bottom

       77 words, 1 minutes

I’m building a WordPress theme that has a fixed top menu bar. Hence, the admin bar supersedes it ; and that’s not nice. So I just wanted to move it to the bottom of the page, where nothing lies. You will just need to add the following code to your functions.php file:

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Add a Table of Contents in WordPress articles

       79 words, 1 minutes

I use to have TOCs in articles when this site ran DokuWiki. But by default, WP doesn’t provide this ability. After a few Googling, I found the Table of Contents Plus plugin. I choose this one for two main reasons: it can automatically insert a TOC in WP since “X or more headings are present” ; it has various looks embedded to match your theme. You can have a look at a rendered example here .

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