Manually change WordPress’ home and siteurl in MySQL

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In my tidy process, I had to copy WordPress from one host to another, then access it from various URLs so that the production and the development versions were both accessible from the same public IP. To duplicate the data in a fast manner, I dumped the SQL data and tarred the WWW directory. The problem is that WordPress’ home and siteurl are kept the same between those instances. And since you try to access the administration zone, you’re redirected to the original location… To modify the duplicated instance, you can configure WordPress straight from MySQL. Here are the directions:

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Automatic WordPress installation

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Here’s a quick trick that allows automatic installation of WordPress on an HTTP server. The normal process is: browse to wordpress.com, grab the archive locally, upload to your server, unzip and run the installer. Sometimes, you even have to unzip locally and then upload the whole sets of files to the server. The automatic process can be done using Instant Install.

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Optimize PHP on NetBSD

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On a NAMP (NetBSD, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server, you can get a faster PHP rendering using eAccelerator.

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LAMP/NAMP/OAMP with WordPress just needs CPU

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According to the Google robot, my actual configuration serves WordPress pages in about 1-2 seconds. I was looking on improving this a bit.

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Natural WordPress benchmarking

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I am planning on benchmarking various OS and HTTP daemons to host my WordPress site. A well-known (free) tool to benchmark Web servers is ApacheBench. But it can only use a single URL for each benchmark session.

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