Back to the sea ; the Blog Tool and Publishing Platform (WordPress), episode VII


After creating and editing my Website from scratch with Vim, I used Dokuwiki for quite a long time. Then came the Facebook time. This is when I switched to some more hypee tool. I choosed WordPress. One nice thing WordPress provides, except from full HTTP management, is automatic configuration and updates. Here’s how I installed it on OpenBSD.

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Insert HTML code in WordPress


On my way to converting articles from Dokuwiki to WordPress, I discovered that the latter had issues with HTML code rendering.

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J'ai trouvé mon thème !


Après plusieurs centaines d’heure de recherche (si si…), j’ai enfin trouvé un thème WordPress qui me convienne. Bien entendu, je vais modifier un ou deux petits trucs, mais il convient à 90% :-)

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WordPress permalinks with Lighttpd


By default, WordPress uses “?p=123” like URL. Those aren’t really pretty and probably not easily useable from web crawler bots… So let’s enhanced this a bit.

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