SpeedStep on NetBSD/xen

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When you boot NetBSD/xen, you don’t get SpeedStep anymore. At least, on NetBSD 5.1, as of 2011-07-14. Some job have been done in 2009 but wasn’t kept in the sources. Check Add Intel SpeedStep and AMD PowerNow! support in Xen dom0 for more informations.

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Convert a Xen disk image to VMware

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I run my production virtual machines on NetBSD/xen. But I’m doing all the testings on VMware Fusion. Last week, I wanted to grab my production machine and tweak it from my testing environment. Here’s how to convert and use a xen disk image on VMware software:

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NetBSD/xen on Dell Inspiron 10

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It’s now been two days I’m running TuM’Fatig on my Dell Inspiron Mini 10 . The AIRIS N1110 has died so I just took the RAM and disk out of it and plug both in the Mini. Just modify the ifconfig files and here we go.

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Debian Lenny on NetBSD/xen

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Debian Lenny is one of my favorite Linux Distribution (when I have to run Linux… ;) Here’s how to install and run a Lenny domU under a NetBSD/xen dom0 installation. My dom0 is running NetBSD 5.1_STABLE/amd64 and Xen version 3.3.2. The domU will be running Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (i386).

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Running Windows on Xen

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The NetBSD/xen port is able to run M$ Windows domU, since you have a CPU that features the IntelĀ® VMX instruction.

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