IT consulting

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice.
In practice there is.


TuM'Fatig is not a real company. It doesn't provide any services. It's only there to demistifiate IT stuff. Computer things seem quite frightening to many people. What we offer here is a bunch of articles that users can do things with. Should you have some questions about how to do things with your computer, you shall e-mail me and ask for it. If the subject looks interesting and I have time for it, I shall write an article about it.

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Latest news

06 Aug. 2011, Corporate Website
We've already seen how to create personnal and semi-pro newsletters. This time, we're gonna see how to create a corporate website.

23 Mar. 2011, Newsletter
You lead an association, a virtual shop or are a semi-professional performer and want to advertise about what you did and will do? What about sending a newsletter to your users and prospects.

01 Oct. 1998, System Administrator
The first job I got was as a SysAdmin in a university in Paris, France. Thanks to a friend of mine, I could study and earn money in the same time. And evntually meet my wife...

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